Apollo TV Apk Download For Android Mobile “2023”

Have you ever desired to get a premium online movie platform for free? Apollo TV Apk is designed to match your requirements and give you endless entertainment by providing thousands of free movies and TV series. Its user interface face is so good that sometimes you get the sense of watching premieres. It gives you the rating, cast & crew details and also the kind of genres it belongs to films. If you look at the categories, they are way too different and straightforward to explore. The latest version of Apollo TV has brought standard features like 1080p TO 360p video quality and more source video files.


Go to settings and optimize appearance, playback, and others as you wish. Make sure you go to extensions option and upgrade to trakt.tv & real debrid connections. Apollo TV Apk for Android has a casting option and also adaptable on all the other platforms irrespective of the OS.

What is Apollo Group TV IPTV

Apollo Group TV Provides an IPTV service that offers a wide range of 7300 Channels and more – on thousands of VODS. You can watch without a single ad for a low yearly price. Users & Resellers can request more channels and VODs without paying extra fees.

Apollo IPTV Providers provides the two Android Entertainment Application variants: Apollo TV Apk & Apollo Group TV IPTV Provider/Reseller/connection provider options. Get More information about both apps on below. 

Apollo TV Apk Features

HD Cinema: It has a massive collection of movies and TV shows in Hollywood. You can also find animated films on the app.

Subtitle support: Choosing an mx player will give you the right advantage here. It can search for subtitles online on its own.

apollo tv apk

Offline Downloads: Easily downloadable to your storage because it has unlimited sources to provide you for download.

Language support: That’s the best thing for people speaking a different language can now find translations and videos.

Download Apollo TV Apk for Android

Well, it is not possible to find the Apollo TV App file on the application store. No worries; you can get it here below, but make sure you are using it strictly for educational purposes only. Please do not be misguided, and we do not encourage you to use the Apollo TV. It’s one’s own individual responsibility, whether to access the app or not.

How to install Apollo TV on Android Devices

Not so tough to do this task. Please do follow the instructions below, which are meant to gain knowledge on App installation.

1. Firstly, enable permissions from unknown sources to install the apk file here: Settings > Security and check Unknown Sources.

2. Now go to download Apollo TV Apk instructions page and obtain the data.

3. Next, tap on the apk setup file to start the installation and execute the default steps required.

4. Finally, the installation is done. Explore this App and get entertained.


Apollo TV Requirements

1. It would be best if you had the latest or adaptable android version mobile compatible with This App.
2. Make sure you have a good internet connection for the best playback speed without buffering. (Wifi or mobile network)
3. VPN tool is a must to protect your privacy and identity theft. And also, to make the app work better.
4. Make an Mx player as a default media player for the best visual experience and subtitle support.
5.Sync trakt.tv and real debrid accounts to Apollo TV App for more movies and series.

Apollo Group TV IPTV Subscription Plans

Everything on Apollo Group TV Apk for one low price. No ads and no extra fees. Ever. It Provides the 24h free IPTV streaming trial, and technical support is also available. You can Contact us Online and via Skype without any technical issues. 7000+ channels & 9000+ free entertainment content.
Premium $70/Year
Resellers give the trails version to customers, and users can watch all content without ads. Resellers can start the business from 200$ onwards without any extra fee. This yearly plan package is very negotiable.
Premium $200/Year
Apollo Group offers 10 free connections/channels for just $2 price. You and your household members can only use your account. All content is accessible in all resolutions. You guys can access premium UK & Canada region 8000 Videos and 5000 Plus Channels worldwide in any devices.
Per Link
Premium $2/Connection

Apollo TV For PC & iOS

Apollo tv for pc

Android apps cannot be directly installed on pc but there is a solution for this problem. It can be solved through android emulator which acts as bridge between both formats. Hence, tap the banner below to solve the issue. 

apollo tv for ios

It actually takes bit of knowledge to install apollo tv on IOS devices. However, there is a complete guide available for this process. Find it from our detailed blog articles.

Apollo TV For Android TV BOX | Firestick 4K


What it actually takes to install this app on Android TV Box is little information and few instructions. You can find them in the blog article completely dedicated to Android TV for the App. 


Firestick is the best big-screen platform to watch the latest tv shows and tv series for free. Nevertheless, formal education is required to initiate the process which can be found in the blog below. 

User Guide

Apollo TV Apk Latest Version Android App User Guide. Most apps give their users good service but they forget to deliver a good appearance and that’s where this app stands out. 

Options: There are multiple activities to do here. You can opt among latest movies, tv series and music videos for free. You can find all these on your app home screen.  

Search: One of the best things do is type the title of content you would like to watch in the search bar. 

Set-up: Go to settings and integrate the app to get much exposure. Integrate to trakt.tv and real debrid connection. This will enhance your overall experience of watching movies and shows. 

Apollo TV & IPTV Best User Reviews

It was literally amazing when I first started watching, and then slowly, it became an addiction. It is a pure entertainment app that has multiple genres to entertain us. In a word you can say it's a mobile movie theatre.
I love watching web series, and I found my solution on this streming material. It really makes me awestruck to see so many categories in the app. It has political news, documentaries, and many other different sections of content to amuse you.
Justin Rose
Thank god, it has superhero movies which I'm addicted to watching every day. And the video quality is good, though. Compatibility is the other thing I love about this app.
Yudi K

Apollo TV FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers About This App

This is because you haven’t cleared the cache, or you did not choose a VPN for safety.

Yes, for sure. Perhaps, you can read the tutorial available in the blog.

Well, first, you have to uninstall the old App and then download the new version to install. There’s no automated update here. You gotta do it manually.

Why not, it has been tested negative in case of any malware which indicates its goodwill.

End of the blog, all the doubts and queries have been cleared for best practices. Once again, it has to be your personal choice of whether to test the app or not. Thanks for spending your valuable time here. More blog articles are on their way to provide you latest updates. See you all!